Case Studies

Independent Consulting

Project: Establishment of a brown-field K-12 school in the National Capital Region (NCR), India

 Business Plan & Information Memorandum

Status: Completed

Description: An established school in the NCR region in India was looking for funding to set up a new K-12 school in the region. My role was to develop the business plan and information memorandum  for the acquisition of private funding.

Project: Manufacturing facility in the GCC region.

Business Plan & Strategic advisory

Status: Completed

Description: A serial entrepreneur was looking to set up a manufacturing facility for retail consumption in the GCC region. My role included helping the client detail the business, understand the key elements required and the assumptions we would be using. We also went over the product line, options available and marketing strategy. The end output is a report and business plan that can be used for bank funding / investor knowledge.

Project:  A food processing unit in India looking for Private equity funding

Product: Information Memorandum & Financial Model

Status: Completed

Description: A manufacturer and distributor of frozen foods in India were seeking private equity funding. I was working with the Investment Banker on the deal to create the information memorandum – including the industry analysis, business profile, products and future strategy. I was also responsible for developing their existing business plan into an investor ready model which was easy to use for business and/or investment decisions.

Project:  Start-up entrepreneurship fund catering to a niche segment

Product: Strategy/document and investor presentation

Status: Completed

Description: A professional investment banker was evaluating establishing a private equity fund catering to a niche segment. The scope of the fund was expected to be primarily India with some focus on international geographies as well. My role was to assess the market, create a case for the need for the fund and develop a marketing document aimed at possible Limited Partners for the fund.

Full Time Work Projects

Project Type: Greenfield Education Projects In The GCC

Key Projects:
  • Advisory and project management for the establishment of a globally renowned European operator's K-12 British curriculum school in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Advisory and project management for the establishment of an affordable British curriculum school in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman through an Indian operator.
Role: Identification of the operator, negotiations, drafting of all legal agreements including the operating/management agreement, oversee of the license application, development of the financial model, investor presentation, oversee of the project development till launch

Project Type:  Series A Sell-side advisory

Key Projects: 
  • US$44 million equity raise for a 360MW Solar PV Cell Manufacturing Facility 
  • US$150-175 million equity raise for a real estate developer looking to develop a total room inventory of 3000+ rooms across 21 cities in India through various domestic & international brands
Role: Client Management, Information Memorandum & Financial Model

Project Type: Strategic Advisory

Key Projects:

  • Investment Opportunities for an International Private Equity Firm looking at establishing an infrastructure fund
  • Strategic Analysis for the identification of optimum routes for containerized cargo transport by a logistics operatorStrategic advisory for a shrimp plant in Iran and for a travel company operating regional Hajj services

Role: Client Management, Information Memorandum & Business Plan

Project Type: Strategic Studies

Description: An evaluation of what it takes to switch from a family-run business to a professional set-up with private equity funding. The study was conducted for a logistics player in Western India

Role: Client Management, Business Presentation

Project Type: Valuation Assessment

Description: Valuation of a mid-sized education company in the region looking to establish 5 schools in Kuwait

Role: Client Management, Information Memorandum & Financial Model

Project Type: Partner Search

Description: Identification of a business alliance partner for a oil services company in Kuwait

Role: Client Management, Business Presentation

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