Every dream can lead to an idea.  Every great idea requires an implementation plan. Every implementation plan requires a detailed process orientation. Every step counts.

The process of transforming your dream into reality requires planning, execution and training – none of which are very conducive to letting your mind dream big dreams.

That’s where I came up with the idea of I2D Consulting  I am a trained consultant (private equity, seed funding , corporate finance, strategy) who has been advising both established and new entrepreneurs. Somewhere, while handling the larger clients and small start-ups, I found a special interest in emerging businesses.

The energized entrepreneurs  who dream dreams based on a single solid idea; the ones who are business-savvy and idea-oriented - they all seemed to share a certain drive and vision. My role became to help them turn those visions into concrete documents, presentations, financial models  and make them business-ready. I have helped them raise funds, develop strategies and put the ideas that they have in a concrete, investor friendly format. 

As a strategy, I like to take on a few clients at a time. My idea is to live the dream with you; to make your dream mine and then use my training and skills to help you take it to the next level.

This website is a platform to help you connect with me and understand how I can help you take your business and ideas to fruition.

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